• Experiential Knowledge vs Intellectual Knowledge
  • Riding In The Car With Mischa and Raf
  • Fire in the North
  • Supernatural Knowledge, Money Multiplication, and Other Crazy Things God Likes To Do :)
  • Supernatural Stories – Divine Dreams, Visions and Supernatural Weight Loss!
  • Thailand Trip (hiv) Kids House ,Jesus Win!!!
  • Red light district Bangkok Revival
  • Healing in the Mexican Restaurant!
  • Street Prophecy on the streets of NYC
  • Jose and Rafael talk it up!
  • Street Evangelism with Joel Jackson & Rafael Garcia
  • Tom, Joel, and Ralph in NJ
  • Greater Works Healing Rooms – Discerning Some of The Ways God Speaks
  • Greater Works Healing Room (Healing Training – Identity)
  • Seeking The God Who Is Already Living Inside You
  • Supernatural Stories – Teletransportation, Slowing Time Down, And Power!


  • Experiential Knowledge vs Intellectual Knowledge

    Experiential Knowledge vs Intellectual Knowledge

    This video is for anyone who wants to experience and know God in their everyday life. Most people if you ask them will tell you that they want to know God, so what’s the problem? Why are not people experiencing Jesus in their everyday lives? Could it be that we have been trained to believe that intellectual knowledge about God is the equivalent of actually experiencing in a real tangible way? Why are so many people so satisfied with just [...]

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  • Riding In The Car With Mischa and Raf

    Riding In The Car With Mischa and Raf

    This is a nice convo I had with my friend Mischa, who came to visit me for a week from Germany. We talked about Grace as the Person of Jesus, and how relationship to Him is the only thing that can keep us from falling into religion and all other crazy junk. Subscribe, comment, and share. God bless you!

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